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Benefits Claim


Two-way integration, Attached documents, EasySign & Co-Browsing


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Streamline Benefits Claim Process

Digitize the benefits claim process and create a streamlined and effective way of managing employee benefits claims that saves time and resources while improving overall satisfaction for everyone involved.

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Improved Accessibility
  • Enhanced Security
Benefits Claim

A better experience for everyone

For Insurance Providers

Streamline the claims process, reduce errors and inaccuracies, enhance security measures, increase transparency throughout the process, and improve overall customer experience.

For your customers

For employees, it means increased convenience and faster processing times, as they can submit their claims online from anywhere, at any time. For employers, a digital benefits claim process means increased efficiency, reduced administrative costs, improved security measures, and enhanced transparency throughout the claims process.
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Create one seamless workflow

  1. Send a personalized link via SMS or email.
  2. The employee submits their benefits claim through an online portal or mobile app
  3. The system verifies that all required fields are completed and validates that the information provided is accurate
  4. The data is synced with insurer and agency systems for quick and easy processing
  5. The claim is reviewed by a designated approver who confirms that it complies with company policies
  6. Once approved, the claim is processed for payment

What’s inside?

Every digital process comes with a full suite of features and solutions built-in to make customer data intake easy.

  • Easy link sharing
  • PDF Generator
  • EasySign
  • Financial integrations
  • Co-Browsing
  • Journey Tracker
  • Analytics Dashboard

  • Automated pre-filled data fields
  • Quicker and more accurate completion.
  • Customizable themes and conditions
  • Secure and quick digital authorization.
  • Real-time assistance during form completion
  • Robust data validation for compliant submissions.

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