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Quote, Bind, and Policy Issue


Auto-calculations, Validations & personalization


Increase revenue & shorten the sales cycle

Quote, Bind, and Policy Issue

Send insurance quotes in minutes and bind before the competition. With an automated digital process, you’ll convert faster and keep customers longer. For insurance enterprises.

  • Branded look and feel
  • Great customer experience
  • Faster sales cycle

Quote, Bind, and Policy Issue

A better experience for everyone

For your insurance enterprise

Automatically send insurance quotes and accept payments online. With a digital Quote and Bind process, your agents send a link, or customers start the process on your website or app. Since quotes are calculated based on customer answers, you’ll speed up quote creation and policy binding. Not to mention, you’ll build your client list to re-engage in the future.

For your customers

When the time comes to purchase or renew insurance, be the easiest option. By making it simple for customers to request an insurance quote and pay online, you solve their problem and shorten their shopping journey, so they can get back to living. Plus, 56% of shoppers stay loyal to their first insurance brand of choice—so creating the best experience is worth a lifetime.
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Go digital with EasySend

See how you can digitize your Quote & Bind process in days, automate your workflow, and streamline customer data intake with EasySend’s no-code platform.

Create one seamless workflow

  1. Send a digital quote link via SMS or email.
  2. Customer completes the online process and documents are attached.
  3. Quote is calculated and sent to the customer. 
  4. If accepted, the customer enters additional details and payment info.
  5. Agent binds the policy and data is sent to the core system.
  6. Payment is processed, and the policy is issued to the customer. 

What’s inside?

Every digital process comes with a full suite of features and solutions built-in to make customer data intake easy.

  • Drag and drop 
  • White label branding
  • Secure and automated workflow 
  • Image and file upload
  • Custom conditions and validations
  • Auto-complete 
  • Easy link sharing
  • PDF Generator
  • EasySign
  • Lender integrations
  • Co-Browsing
  • Journey Tracker
  • Analytics Dashboard

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We’ll help you launch a Quote and Bind digital process in days.
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